Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Underworld Map 1 Rough Draft

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I'm not happy with some things about this map, particularly the rivers.  Still, it's enough to get me going on the Underworld project.

The scale is 1 hex = 10 km.  A party on foot can travel three hexes in a day if those hexes are open plains.  Roads will add an extra hex a day, rough terrain subtracts one.  Combinations of rough terrain, such as forested hills or mountains, subtract two hexes.

I'm unlikely to start stocking it this week, as I have more pressing matters, but I may refine the map a bit.  The lone city you see on here is Ilion itself.  I have not added its colonial forts, but I may do so before I put the project back on hold and continue with Nightwick Abbey.

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