Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Page Megadungeon Project

I've been giving a little more thought to my one page-geomorph-megadungeon project.  I'm beginning to wonder if the Underworld is the best place for such a project.  Yes, one perfectly fits in it, but I don't know how useful it would be to other DMs.  Also, I discovered over Thanksgiving that I obtain a perverse joy from stocking things with the DMG and FF.

My question is this: gentle reader, would you prefer freely available versions of an as yet unnamed Underworld Megadungeon, or levels of Nightwick Abbey edited for popular consumption?

There is of course a third option where I use the excellent How to Host a Dungeon game to get the broad areas and then detail them on the blog.  If I do so I'll most likely edit the game to fit better in Nightwick's setting.

I be placing a poll on the blog to ascertain the general opinion on the matter.


  1. I voted Nightwick Abbey. I like the idea of the Underworld (and have often looked longingly on TSR's Hollow World cultures as source material), but it seems to me this style campaign begs for a hex crawl... travel the world, meet strange an interesting people, and kill them. Faux Greeks one week, Phoenicians the next, how did we end up near the Aztecs? It doesn't synergize well with the assumptions of the 'tentpole' megadungeon.

  2. I vote BOTH, but Nightwick first :D