Saturday, March 5, 2011

Community Megadungeon Proposal

Recently Il Male posted this map over at his blog.  He presented it as a present in honor of GM's Day.  The idea, as you can read there, is to help you get started with a fast play megadungeon.  Just roll for a background, pick up his map, key the rest of it, and run the bitch.

I love this idea.  I'm working on my map for the second level right now.  While working on it, I realized this would make a kick-ass community project.  It has some advantages over the aborted but could be just as useful if it picks up steam.

So here is my proposal:

  1. Create a one hour dungeon map utilizing the visual style Il Male used.
  2. Make sure it connects with previous dungeon levels created by other bloggers.
  3. Key the special encounters.
  4. Put it up on your blog for other people to steal.
This is (hopefully) a fairly low impact project, and I don't really have anyway of connecting into a more focused effort.  Still, I think it may be worthwhile.

I'll have my entry up in the next few days.  If you're interested in contributing post a comment!


  1. My LL Skype group had a similar project going (each of us took a one-page dungeon map). We got most of the first level hammered out before running out of steam.

    Perhaps I could re-tailor my contribution to fit in this?

  2. Hey that's pretty a cool idea! I'm going to re-post it on my blog :D

  3. @ ckutalik

    Sounds good to me! I haven't envisioned this as a very labor intensive project. Make sure it lines up with the levels above it though.

    @ Il Male

    Glad you like it.

  4. I just posted a thread (in german, I'm afraid), where I postulate the idea of nondescript staircases between dungeon levels, that wind and change direction etc. That way, one would not have to be to careful by designing dungeonlevels, only the general area of the stairs has to be used... and as long as only one feature transcendences levels (like a shaft or a hall) not even this feature would have to be aligned properly - only when there are at least two. This could help, I think.

  5. *not a thread, a post ... it's late here...

  6. Way back towards the later end of my college days there was a game on the university computer that allowed each player to add a few rooms of their own to the dungeon complex, it was a riotous blend of humor and styles that was simply a hell of a lot of fun. Each player created their areas without explicit input or permission form other players (it was polite to ask to link to someone else's rooms but not required)so it was a dynamic environment even if it was in a the days of text only. It worked fine for a couple years and I can't help but imagine a relaxed linking method would work fin for a "project" like this.

  7. We've been kicking around how to do this sort of thing and it looks like you've cracked the case. Count us in. We'll have something at one or more of the blogs in less than a week. Maybe two at tops...