Monday, March 21, 2011

An Experiment

Riffing a bit off of Zak's post that has been making the rounds, I wanted to try a simple experiment.  Below I have an encounter table drawn up, but I'm not sure how well it conveys what I want it to.

Tell me what you think the encounter table says about the region.

The Swamp (1d8 + 1d12)
2 -- Greenhag
3 -- Death, Crimson
4 -- Zombie
5 -- Mongrelman
6 -- Larva
7 -- Worg
8 -- Wolf
9 -- Centipede, Giant
10 -- Men, Pirate
11 -- Orc
12 -- Ogre
13 -- Toad, Giant (Dormant in Winter)
14 -- Ghoul
15 --Will-o-wisp
16 -- Men, Bandit
17 -- Dark Country (Irish) Deer
18 -- Men, Merchant
19 -- Haunt
20 -- Mites


  1. Swamp with a trade route, perhaps a sunken city.

  2. To tell the truth I'm not getting enough information from this table to picture this area. Ok, yeah it's a swamp. It's got all those creatures and critters that go along with it, but it could be any swamp in just about any setting.

    I'm not picturing anything unique about The Dark Country here.

  3. It feels like a 70s prog rock swamp to me. Is there a prize for the correct answer?

  4. It's a swampy area, perhaps near the coast, or at least a river or other waterway. It's near a trade route, but not a well-used one, perhaps because the preponderance of criminals and monsters has scared all but the bravest -- or most desperate -- merchants away. There may be some kind of ancient burial ground in the area too.

  5. A decadent and degenerate marsh near a seaport.