Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nightwick Abbey Session 9

This will be a bit shorter than most of my play reports since a good bit of the session was taken up by bullshitting.

The Characters were:

Mo'ongo -- a simple minded Fighting Man
Slimey -- a greasy Thief
Barley Brownbeard -- a surly Dwarf
Ffraid -- a quite Druid
and Thign -- a drunken, failed Magic User

What was left of the party after their encounter with the Hobgoblins in the previous session limped to the nearby village of Hommlet, which lay between Nightwick and Lichgate.  There they found Thign drowning his sorrows in the Inn of the Welcome Wench.  He told them the sad tale of his failure to learn magic under the tutelage of a renowned professor, and how he came to be in Hommlet.  Upon hearing that he had some knowledge of magic, Mo'ongo rather crudely showed him the Staff of Power they had previously realized they possessed.  Thign, flabbergasted, explained that he couldn't use the staff without knowing the proper key words.  At that, and Slimey's urging, the party rested and prepared to head to Lichgate on the morrow.

 They left the next morning, but due to the incautiousness of Mo'ongo, they were pursued by a number of guards from Hommlet.  Realizing they wanted the staff, the party ducked into a nearby thicket and was able to evade their pursuers.  One of my favorite things about the RC is the evasion table.  It really encourages parties to hide from intimidatingly large forces.  They then passed a few pilgrims on the road, but Mo'ongo and Slimey antagonized them until they went on their way.

Finally, the party arrived at Lichgate.  They found a small, well protected trading town with a timber outer wall and a stone inner wall surrounding the Cathedral.  They then set about getting accommodations, and setting up for what Slimey hopes will be a great caper.  When we begin play once again, the town will be home to a ceremony in which the peasant-settlers of the region pay homage to the Bishop as their secular lord.  During this time, Slimey hopes he and the party can sneak into the palace of the Bishop and make off with some of his valuables.

Some minor events happened as well.  Mo'ongo slept with a bar wench, we established that all the Dwarves in the Dark Country would be played by little people if there was ever a movie, and we decided the current pope of the Church of Law is Pope Molestus VI, and his predecessor was Decievious I.

I must confess that the campaign is starting to lose the spark it once had, which is why I've been posting sou much about my side projects lately.  I'm not really sure what to do at this point, but I'm rather upset with myself for not being able to bring more of the tone of my Nightwick Abbey blog entries to the table.  The dungeon itself has been about right, but anything that happens outside of it lacks the kind of air I'd like to have in the Dark Country.

Edit: Oh! They also met with the sage Almaric the Incontinent to see if he could tell them more about the staff.  He informed them that they were carried by the 12 magicians that worked for the emperor before the Empire's collapse.  He said it would take him about a month and 200gp to figure out any of the words which activated the staffs powers, and the party payed him and went on their way.


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  2. Port us to Uz, as I suggested. I like being in the dungeon too though and didn't really wanna go on this wild goose chase. Heck, port us back into the dungeon.