Monday, March 7, 2011

Priestly Mutations Example

This is a companion piece to my earlier post.  I'm not as comfortable with it as I am with the rest of the class.  What follows is a (mostly) complete table for the "transfiguration" of Priests of Apollo.  I've been trying to work up ones for the other deities, but I'm not as happy with them.  I'm not really that happy with this one, but at least I have enough entries to make a d6 chart.

Apollo (1d6)
1 --  Skin begins to slough off, making your visage hideous (-1d3 Charisma).  If this result is rolled again then you grow scales (+1d3 AAC)
2 --  Eyes become slitted like a snake's (-1d3 Charisma).  If the result is rolled again then you gain permanent dark vision.
3 --  Hands begin to fuse together (-1d3 Dexterity).  If the result is rolled again your arms become tendrils resembling a snake's tail (-1d6 Dexterity).
4 --  Fangs grow (-1d3 Charisma, gain bite attack -- damage as small weapon).  If this result is rolled again, increase the damage by a weapon type.  If it is rolled after great weapon has been gained it causes paralysis.  If this result is rolled yet again, the bite becomes poisonous (+1 to Saving Throw)
5 --  Limbs become stunted (-1d3 Dexterity and Charisma).  If the result is rolled again, body elongates and becomes more flexible (+1d6 Dexterity).
6 --  You have displeased Apollo.  Save vs. Spells or become an Unwanted One permanently.  The referee must decide whether or not your character is removed from play.

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