Thursday, March 10, 2011

Would you play a Priest?

I recently posted both an overview of the class and a lists of the "gifts" associated with Apollo.  I want to know if I've made them too undesirable.  I personally would only play priests in such a campaign, but I'm kinda a weirdo.  My wife has expressed that she feels otherwise.

So what do you think: would you play a priest in an Underworld campaign?  If not, why not?


  1. I would play a priest. The lofty gods need a proper balance. So above, so below. Surface dwellers dabble in their own material magic, whereas in the Underworld they explore the darkly divine.

  2. I'd have to see all the options, but one thing that might give me pause is the higher leveling costs than a magic-user.

  3. I would be good with the class and I would probably be cool "gifts" if was playing a Priest who followed one of the (more)evil "gods". A dastardly Priest with fangs and scales is cool but that sort of transformation strikes me as having the very obvious or typically-evil sort of deity association. If I were playing a Priest of one of the good(less evil) gods I would be more inclined to want less monstrous type mutations, though not less debilitating. Stuff like your eyes turn to stone orbs in your head, your skin turns into living bronze or you become emotionless.

  4. Well none of the deities are "good," and thats sort of by design. Apollo is a particularly mean asshole in my setting, but Moloch and Baldr aren't any nicer. The big secret from a world perspective is that the gods are really just aliens that tolerate humans and demons are the aliens that don't tolerate humans.

  5. Yeah I got that, I've actually been working my way back though your posts. I've gotta say your stuff is great. I particularly like all the Nightwick Abby Stuff, you've given my alot of ideas for my own game.

    The point I was trying to make I guess was that I think some people would be squeamish about the body mutation stuff happening to their character. Particularly if it is a very monstrous type of transformation. Although I know many players who would like scaled skin and fangs, I also know several who would avoid the class because of it. I think if one of your Gods bestowed gifts which were less monstrous and more otherworldly or alien it would open it up as an option to more players.

  6. That makes sense. I'll have to think on it.

    Glad you like my stuff. Sorry I haven't been posting more on Nightwick Abbey. It's kinda moved past the conceptualizing stage so most of my time developing it is spent drawing maps and making encounter tables.

  7. I often play a cleric or priest
    since my fellow players want to be warriors, wizards and rogues.
    However, I adapt a realistic approach to the clergy
    (i.e., Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth),
    and sometimes am an asshat.

  8. Yes. (Clicks pincers happily)

    Capcha: Matedap. There really is an ap for eveerything, isn't there?