Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Alternate Play Report Method

I just remembered the Ryth Chronicle presents a considerably more truncated sort of play report than the ones more commonly found in the blogosphere.  Fore example, my last Google + session would have looked something like this:

A: Group of 4 player characters and 1 henchman descended down the steps in the North Tower on two separate expeditions.  Lost 2 in a berserker ambush and were forced to retreat with little treasure.  Purchased several dogs and recruited 2 new characters and attempted a second expedition.  Lost no characters and gained 400sp and some leather armor made from human, but lost all of the dogs and failed to push beyond the dungeon entrance.

This form only represents the first few reports in the Chronicle, but I thought it might be a neat way to do a quick session report.  Still, I like the idea of the players sharing their experiences, so I'll likely continue to use my current method for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps I can use this form when none of the players has the time to make their own reports.

Another idea, though one I imagine would be quite difficult, would be to put out a ConstantCon newsletter that included a list of the active characters and the expedition reports from the various dungeons.  That could be pretty sweet and I know I'd read it.  Maybe DMs could through in a short article or two about their dungeons/campaign worlds.


  1. I do like that thumbnail report. Although I don't recall getting any treasure at all during the first expedition.

  2. I thought you got it off of the Berserkers who died when you let the dogs go at the bottom of the ladder.

    I seem to remember you offering Igor 100sp despite the fact he couldn't be there for most of the session, which is where I got the figure from.