Friday, November 4, 2011

G+ Nightwick Abbey Polls

I've added two polls so that my readers can help me decide how to run a ConstantCon game I'm planning.  My model is entirely stolen from Jeff's Wessex game.  Mine will take the players into the dungeons of Nightwick Abbey.

The first question I had was which rules y'all would most like me to use.  I'm quite partial to LotFP, though I'll be adding a customized bestiary in order to more easily facilitate megadungeon exploration.  Still, Jeff's game uses B/X and I imagine that there will be some crossover in players.  As such, I thought I'd open up Labyrinth Lord and B/X as options in order to assure maximum compatibility.  Select the one you would prefer.

The second one is to help me decide when I should run the game.  I've noted times that are particularly good for me (this semester).  Select any of the ones you could potentially make.  I'll pick the one that gets the most votes.  This time might be subject to change next semester depending on how my work hours shake out, but I tried to pick times that wouldn't bee in too much jeopardy.

You have one week to vote.  Post comments here if you have any.

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