Monday, November 28, 2011

Nightwick Abbey ConstantCon Accidental Session Report

I wasn't going to run Nightwick Abbey this Saturday, but I ended up doing it at 3:00 in the morning for the first round of Fight About Games Club.  It just kind of happened.

Anyway, here is the session report from Mike, who played Boloris the Cleric

My senses and memory is still reeling from my journey towards a strange place I would eventually come to know as Nightwick Abbey. I don’t remember how I came to be here, or who my fellow travellers are though they have saved my life. I washed upon the shores of this foreign land years ago, learning the local language while traveling in disguise using robes stolen from the local clergy. Such a strange place...

Where I would sense the presence of the gods of my homeland I only sense malevolent spirits, wrathful and full of hate. My mana is strong still and these evil spirits turn, much in the way the evil spirits of my old homelands did when bidden to leave. 

Some of my fellow travellers had been to this tainted place before. Thieves, robbers, mercenaries intent on looting whatever treasures lie below. I was in the same predicament, drifting throughout the countryside with little besides what I had looted along the way. Horrors I could never imagine haunted the desecrated abbey. 

We entered a trapdoor and followed a trail of dead bodies as the mapper in our group carefully recorded the labyrinth like passages. Some of my fellows beheaded many of the bodies along the way. I did not question them, the place reeked of evil spirits and I have seen it possess men before even after death. One of my fellows had an odd sense of humor about it though, switching heads and body parts as some sort of joke to confuse future looters. The same fellow also insisted on collecting the armor and hats made of human skin. I kept my sword ready should his madness be directed towards the rest of us.

There was a baptismal font along the way, I believe it is used to induct newborns into the faith of this lands god. A chemically green liquid filled the fountain which we collected before moving on. Eventually we reached a desecrated chapel. Blood appeared to be painted on the walls and frescoes. Within a book completely smeared in blood and with pages torn from it we found a scroll of sanctuary.

Not much later we discovered a secret room and a lockbox filled with treasure. Sick of rations I began to dream of the feast I would soon be enjoying, then something struck me from behind and I blacked out in a sea of pain. I dreamt of the old lands, chants to the old gods became twisted mockeries and then the earth fell into the ocean. I awoke back in town under the care of a local cleric. The others had rescued and paid for the cleric to heal me. I decided to set out with them again. Before I first entered Nightwick Abbey I did not intend to go back to that hellish place once I collected my share of the treasure but I have come to believe that this darkness that has taken the place of my old gods must be destroyed or laid to rest. 

Our second expedition was not as fruitful. We discovered some desecrated shrines before discovering a door covered in sigils. Inside was the skeletal remains of some priests that locked themselves some time ago. They had used chalk to ward off evil, but their sanctuary had become their tomb. We felt as though time was running out and headed back to town for now...

If you're interested in playing in future sessions send me an email at evanDOTvanDOTelkinsATgmailDOTcom.  We play every Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 PM EST.

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