Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nightwick Abbey Monsters

I recently purchased the Grindhouse edition of Raggi's Game.  Now that I have all of it in front of me -- at least in pdf form -- I can give it a more honest review than my first one.

But that's not the point of this post.  I'm planning on using Raggi's Game to power an online version of Nightwick Abbey if I get the time to do that, and the books have inspired me to make some nonstandard monsters to fill out my dungeon.  Now, I'm sure Jim would be disappointed with the fact that I definitely plan on having gaggles of these guys, but at least they aren't just some more hobgoblins.

Submitted for your approval are some of the monsters.  Part of me would like to keep them secret in order to make them more of a surprise for my pool of players, but I would like to know what other people think.  So here the are:

-- Level 1 --
Beastmen AC 14 HD 1 Move 12” Attacks 1 (Weapon) Morale 8 Horrible combinations of man and animal.  Break into tribes based on type of animal.  Seem to only be male.

Pool Things AC 12 HD 1-1 Move 12” Attacks 1 (Claw 1d6) Morale 7 Small, humanoid figures with jet black skin.  Faces are misshapen and eyes are large and pallid.  Supposedly emerge from the blood of slain demons.  Surprise on 1-4 on 1d6.

Awful Rats AC 12 HD ½ Move 12” Attacks 1 (Beak 1d6) Morale 7 Gross rats with crow heads.  If to hit roll is a 20, roll again.  If it is again a 20, the Awful rat tears out the eye of the victim.

Skeletons AC 17/18 (Ranged) HD ½ Move 9” Attacks 1 (Weapon) Morale 12 Skeletal sword brothers and other slain warriors.  Wear chain and typically wield spears and long swords.

Devil Men AC 17 HD 1+1 Move 12” Attacks 1 (Weapon) Morale 9 Humanoids with red skin and horns.  Unusually well equipped (mail hauberks, longswords, spears, shields).

Children of Stone AC 15 HD ½ Move 9” Attacks 1 (Claw or Vomit, 1d6) Morale 6  Bloated, humanoid figures of small stature.  Appear to be made out of a mix of stone and embers.  Vomit deals damage as above and Save v. Paralyze must be made or target is blinded.

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