Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nightwick Abbey G+ Play Report

The G+ Nightwick Campaign will primarily rely on player made play reports.  Below is one from Zaunn, a Magic User:

It was a dark and loathsome day as I, the mage Zaunn, joined forces with warrior Sigmar, the sorcerer Igor, his dog Frankenstein, Beaumont the unruly and his manservant Gentle Ben to plunder the ruins of Nightwick Abbey or as I would like to think of it, "The Temple-Tomb of Elemental Horror".

Climbing over the fallen abbey wall we made our way to the north tower where Sigmar had explored before. Within we opened a trapdoor and proceeded down a rusted ladder to the dungeon proper. At my suggestion we lowered a rope tied to an iron spike in the floor of the tower as to supplement the ladder as I did not trust it to withstand our weight.
Once down we discovered and followed stairs leading down into the darkness. At the bottom there was a large chamber and a corridor. We followed the corridor but before we reached the far end I heard from ahead a voice cry out "shut up you fool!" from behind a closed door. We threw open the portal and found within 6 warriors dressed in leather armour made from tanned human skin. Battle was joined. But alas Beaumont, Sigmar, and Frankenstein all fell to the blades of their foes but not before one of the evil cultist was themselves slain.
Igor and I beat a hasty retreat. All the more hasty as Igor had the only source of light. We rapidly climbed up the ladder and made it to the top as the cultists reached its foot. They jeered us from below and Igor cast down his lantern, smiting one of them in the face. He fell, dead, his face aflame and his companions retreated themselves lest we launch more flaming missiles in their direction.
Returning to Nightwick town the three of us, as Gentle Ben had also survived, recruited to new companions. These were Redwall and the Cleric Gregor. We also purchased hounds, Igor to replace his lost Frankenstein while Gregor and I felt is best to beef up our party as best we can and dogs were the cheapest force available to us. Gregor and I both bought two dogs apiece, mine I named Riddler and Lemming. Our task was to recover the remains of Beaumont and Sigmar and perhaps avenge their deaths upon their killers.
Thus upon the next day we returned to the Abbey, descended the rope, as I suspected that the ladder had somehow alerted them to our descent upon our previous expedition. Arriving in the large room at the foot of the stairs we encountered the undead corpse of the burned cultist. Unleashing the dogs we surrounded it. It lashed out and slew my Lemming but Riddler and I soon cut it down.
At this point things went down hill for us again. Igor was overcome by "disconnection sickness" He retreated with Frankenstein the second, leaving the lantern with Redwall. Meanwhile before I could examine the defeated undead Gregor seized up Redwall's crowbar and forced open the door to the chamber where we had encountered the cultist before. The four of them were there. However Gregor had made such noise opening the door our chances of surprising them were nil. Again we retreated, Redwall leaving a booby-trap in the form of a bedroll across the hallway. We made it to the ladder but this time the cultists were close on our heels. We ordered the surviving dogs to attack as we climbed to safety. The dogs slew half the cultists, the remained of whom fled, chased by the remaining dogs. I took the opportunity to loot the fallen cultists and thus we were able to leave with 400 silver coins, 2 hideous suits of leather armour and two longswords. The coins were divided between the four of us while Redwall and I took a suit of the armour apiece; I suspect it may be enchanted. Nobody expressed an interest in the swords so I dragged them back to town with us to see what their resale value might be, if any. Who knows, perhaps I may be able to learn something about from where the cultists are being equipped.

If you're interested in playing in future sessions send me an email at evanDOTvanDOTelkinsATgmailDOTcom.  We play every Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 PM EST.

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