Sunday, November 20, 2011

Attention People Who Make Geomorphs

I've been using Geomorphs for Nightwick Abbey since the the first time I ran it in its current form.  Since that time, one thing has been a constant thorn in my side: those damn geomorphs are hard to describe to players!  I love how easy and quick they make mapping interesting dungeon levels with lots of connections and nonlinear stuff, but they make rooms really hard to get across without looking at the actual geomorph.

Sometimes this isn't a problem, especially when I have a mat handy, but on G+ it's a nightmare.

So I guess what I'm saying is make some more ones that have square rooms. 


  1. Alternatively, twiddla could be helpful...

  2. True, though I typically use my laptop pad mouse which is a bit hard to draw with.

  3. It's okay if it's hard to draw, because they aren't wandering the dungeon with tape measures and laser levels and drafting tools. If there's a kind of funky diagonal cave room all that matters is you get the right general size so the right number of monsters can come in and eat them.

  4. @ 1d30

    What does matter is that it's hard to describe.