Saturday, November 5, 2011

A New Poll and Other G+ Business

Play Reports: I mentioned earlier that my model for my upcoming G+ game is Jeff's Wessex campaign.  Jeff has been making the play reports for that game based on what he imagines the drunker members of the party would tell everyone else in town.  This method has a certain charm to it, and I must admit that I'm fond of it; however, I see another potential model in the West Marches campaign.  In it the players provided the play reports.  I see merits in both and I'm not sure which I'll go with.

Possible Games: Speaking of the West Marches, I'm wondering if G+ needs another megadungeon.  While Nightwick Abbey offers a different flavor, it'll be hard to match Jeff's level of quality.  I'm wondering if it might be interesting to more directly steal from the West Marches and run a game more focused on wilderness exploration and smaller dungeons.  I'd still have a fixed time and randomize the party like Jeff does, but I think a focus on wilderness adventuring might make it stand out more.

I also have another dungeon other than Nightwick Abbey I might do.  It's an abandoned Dwarf hold I made with How to Host a Dungeon.  It has more entrances and a more interesting vertical set up than Nightwick does.  It'd be a bit closer to base line B/X than the Dark Country, but I imagine that isn't a selling point for most of my readers.  Vote in the poll if you have a strong feeling about one of these models.

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  1. I like players providing play reports. That is what I am currently doing, and it has worked out very well. The sessions end up being written in drastically different voices, some in character, some out of character and more workmanlike. One was written in the form of an advertisement for the dungeon as resort (seriously).