Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nightwick Abbey ConstantCon (The Actual Session 3)

Throughout the Dark Country dark rumors have begun to spread.  The soldiers who frequent the Medusa's Head Tavern in Nightwick village say that the Abbey has become more active in recent weeks, no doubt due to the meddling of all these bizarre foreigners who have recently come to the village.  They have the look of dangerous men, and the peasants and the soldiers -- who rarely agree on anything -- know they are not to be trusted.

Yesterday, a dark omen was seen in the village.  According to several of the more superstitious peasants two priests were seen heading up to the abbey with a foreigner and even stranger company: a talking pig and a talking hound the likes of which no one in this benighted country has seen.  No doubt these priests were actually warlocks in a clever guise, for only the devil could be behind such dealings. What they did there no one knows, but the barkeep at the Medusa's Head swears on his life that shortly after they were seen a talking pig arrived at his establishment and paid for a drink and a room with ancient coinage.

Hopefully some of the players will comment on their experiences, and I remind them that they receive a 10% experience bonus if they write up a session report.

If you're interested in playing in future sessions send me an email at evanDOTvanDOTelkinsATgmailDOTcom.  We play every Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 PM EST.


  1. Kolvun's account of what transpired has been recorded in his journal!

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  3. I amended a similar exp bonus for writeups because there were some "oops" sessions that had little exp. So our rule now is "10% or 100 exp, whichever is greater."


    This may or may not count

  5. This may or may not count

    It made me laugh, so it does.


    Here is my play report