Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Wild Lands

As I start this post the West Marches model is currently winning by one vote.  Though hardly a definitive lead, I decided I'd work up a model for such a campaign just in case.  I also figure it'll be fun to do so even if I don't end up running it.

First the premise: PCs are based in a fort town that controls a mountain pass that exits into the Wild Lands.  These lands were once part of the Realm but long ago fell into ruin and darkness.  Toppled fortresses stand guard over dark forests, goblins prowl the high mountains, and the tombs of nameless kings lie sunken beneath still waters.  No caravans cross the Wild Lands.  It's up to the PCs to see what has become of the land now that the soldiers of the realm no longer patrol it.

Older races also left their mark on the Wild Lands.  The Dwarves once had a a great mountain kingdom there, and the Elves built glittering cities hidden from the eyes of men.  These too are now in ruin, and some have been that way since before the Realm was even founded.  Who knows what treasures they could hold?

The way this works:  each week I'd run about a two hour session with players who have been randomly selected in the manner of Jeff's game.  Each session is a discrete expedition into the wilderness or an already discovered dungeon.  The wilderness area will probably be fairly small so that you can strike out and return to town in a reasonable amount of time.  Players will be responsible for play reports, but I'll post them here on the blog.

Most of the dungeon and lairs will use maps I've taken from various places online.  Still, due to my limited prep time I'll probably only be able to have either one medium sized dungeon or a few small dungeons stocked before play begins.  As such, I'll be adding dungeons as the game goes on, and just because you passed through a hex doesn't necessarily mean you found everything in it.  Most likely though, if I add a dungeon I'll post a rumor about it on this blog so that you're not completely in the dark.

What do you think?